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At the turn of the 20th century, Mission Beach had been initially developed as a "tent city." Pictures from the era show neat rows of striped, circus like tents interspersed with grassy, Hawaiian-style cabana huts. The lots were for sale, and tent sites were available for rent, and while not the most luxurious accommodations, the tents allowed families and individuals to live right on the beach.

JM Asher, the proclaimed "Father" of Mission Beach, saw an opportunity to further develop the residential aspect of Mission Beach and came up with a marketing campaign featuring a brochure with a fictitious woman on the cover. . . Miss B.

Miss B is an alluring young lass who wears only a swim suit and a provocative smile. The come hither look in her eyes hints at delights beyond your ken, which she would show you. But wait, girl-watchers! Walk, don't run. Miss B. does not live in the flesh. She exists only on paper. Even there, her curvaceous beauty is demurely shrouded in a bathing suit which extends below the knees and to the elbows. Rubber bathing shoes which lace up her calves, and a voluminous scarf-like cap complete her daring ensemble. Miss B. is a bathing-beauty cover girl.

Her fetching likeness adorns the cover of a real estate advertising brochure, and the delights to which she would introduce you are those of San Diego's most recently platted resort area – Mission Beach. Turn the first page, and you will find, indeed, that the words, "Miss B," are a cut-out revealing five letters of the title, "Mission Beach." The brochure was distributed by the Mission Beach Syndicate, George L. Barney, Manager. Lots in Mission Beach were being promoted for sale by the same firm. Inside the little pamphlet there is a large fold-out map. It shows the entire peninsula comprising the new subdivision, including street names, lot and block numbers, and a color-code designating the use to which various areas of the beach could be put.
And here she is today! Miss B's Coconut Club is a revival of Mission Beach's colorful past, and the pin-up girl's Caribbean curves and demure smile have returned to welcome everyone who steps inside, whether you're a first timer, a part-timer, or someone who settled in the area and never left.

Miss B's Coconut Club's décor evokes a celebration of Mission Beach's alluring past, which takes form as an inspired interpretation of a tropics club. Although Miss B's brunch menu is a local favorite that still has people flocking, Rum is the real star here, and has a leading role in our creative list of grownup cocktails, which includes shareable, tropical punches and bowls to drum up conversations and generate a buzz. Miss B's also proudly pours 20 local and microbrew tap handles, along with kombucha on tap and house made cold brew on nitro.

You will find us on the corner of Santa Clara Ct. and Mission Blvd. in the heart and soul of north Mission Beach. Come meet Miss B, who's swaying to a new beat, ensuring that everyone is "Havana" good time.